Sources of Happiness?

“Is Yoga the sole source of my happiness?” This is a very interesting question I got asked recently. What is it exactly that make me happy, are they different from what I thought back in my younger years? While my daily life hasn’t changed much in the past five years, but somehow I feel like I’ve become a happier person than I’ve ever been.

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In my humble opinion, Yoga itself isn’t the source of happiness, actually if you practice Yoga like Sports while ignoring practicing Mindfulness. Yoga will harm you with injuries, and even causes depression. However, doing it correctly, I’ve seen myself has been developed into a better person as it helped me to be able to find balance in my life. I have a healthier mind and body, which leaded to my new foundation of happiness, which is created from within myself.

Outside in, It also helped me to realize and appreciate those little happiness that happening all around me.


Yoga’s taught me to be honest to myself, to be more open minded. It’s reconnected my body with the nature I love. I’ve learnt the way to be one with our Mother Earth.

It also helped reconnecting my mind back to society, to other human being. I have learnt a better way to communicate, not only with my inner self but also with others.

I’ve developed where my mind can be completely quiet through chaos. It let me be an observer of situation, while kept being unbiased and emotionally stable.

Yoga also showed me the way to other mindfulness practices. Through this, I’ve become a keen practitioner of different several kinds of Meditation. It took me away from the need of Materialism, and helped me adopting more Minimalistic life style.


I can feel that I’ve become more self-sustain. I’ve become more capable to take care of my mind and body. I’ve become more confident and ready to carry myself through any chaos in life that might happen (and it’ll pass). Moreover, I’m more than ready to contribute back and become more useful to our community, our beautiful and chaotic society.


And one last thing worth mentioning, and this is the best.
Now, I knew that I’d never feel alone again, because, nowadays I’ve become my Best Friend, of myself.

All of these together is what make me a happy person, like I’ve never been before.

Wittawat Aik Keawcharoen

It is very important to keep a good balance between mind and body. I'm a fluent Yoga practitioner, this is where I learn to be mindful and develop my self-awareness. I like doing long distance hiking as a form of meditation. Going outdoors is also a good way to improve my diet and keeping fit.