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Walking Journal

2017-02-25 00:00:00 +0000

Where should I go walking this weekend?

Amberley-Chichester via South downs

updated 26/03/17

An another beautiful walk along South downs way. A great discovery where a starting point, Amberley, is only about 20 min away from Horsham by train.

This walk is perfect for a day if you like starting in early morning. A promise of full of fun hill climbing challenges, from the scenic view from the hilltop, an evergreen forest and even a beautiful private garden.
Chichester is a great destination too, with a little adjustment, this walk could be slightly shorter so you can enjoy more time in the town

I set up on this journey because I want to explore a new path and to test my new hydration pack. Dehydration is a common problem for many hikers, and despite of the cost, this hydration pack will help giving you an easy access to your reservoir all the time.

On side quest today, I also found a nice blooming tree perfect for a Marternitsa I got from my friend :)

Welcome home, my lovely Spring <3

Horsham Complete

updated 26/02/17

This walk is the best way to explore our local area. Horsham Complete is an 50 km circular walk around outskirt of Horsham. Along the way, you will have a chance to visit many nearby villages, a few forest and farmland with lots of farm animals. This walk is pretty friendly to beginners as it is pretty flat, make this a pretty good route for training walk. It also allows you to cut back conveniencely to the town center whenever you want to.

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updated 19/02/17

My first walk of 2017. This 36km walk from Berwick to Brighton is definitely a good start.

Getting to Berwick could be a little tricky because of a number of train connection. However, this is a good starting point for the walk. In the beginning, you will walk along the public bridle way from Berwick towards Alfriston, then we headed up to the hilltop then continue our journey along South downs way.

After several hours of hill climbing, you will be rewarded with a blissful coastal walk at the last 5km from New Haven to Brighton Station via Brighton Pier.


updated 29/03/17

Eastbourne-Seaford via Seven sisters

updated 29/03/17

One definitive walk that brought me into the world of Countryside walking, my first time at Seven sisters, and the last walk before my first walking group is unofficially disbanded.

On the day, we arrived at Eastbourne a little later as our original plan, I don’t think there was anything to blame after all we did last night. It was a farewell party, and we played hard. Actually I’m kind of surprised all of us managed to wake up early enough to be here.

Seaford is not the best destination for the walk, especially on Sunday.

Horsham River walk

updated 29/03/17

My first solo long walk dated back several years ago. This is a classic local walk, where I discovered that I don’t have to go so far to have a nice scene. The route is supported by Horsham District Council, it is very well maintained with signs and map along the way.

The name river walk came from the path itself where you will be walking along small rivers running around town. This 22km route will lead you through small parks in the town, farmland, forest with many junctions that connect to several other paths of your later discovery.

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